How reliable and fast is your ISP?

We all hear horror stories about the NBN being too slow, or internet outages, or your ISP is terrible. The problem is that most stories are just that – based on empirical evidence, not fact. And then they spread like a virus.

Well now you can prove beyond doubt if you have issues and use the facts as leverage with your ISP/RSP – perhaps to get a refund; or to be placed at no extra cost on a higher speed tier; or to have someone come out and check wiring; or my favourite – report it to the Telecommunications Ombudsman.

You know if more people simply lodged complaints (it is really easy to do (Online complaint form here ) maybe Telstra et al. would lift their game. Yes, I believe in the Easter Bunny…

Last month I started using a Fing Box and wrote: “Don’t do a fing online without it.”  It has been quietly protecting my home network, sending me email alerts when something is astray and best of all glows orange when the network is down. In short, I am sold as it does everything I need and much more.

Because Fing is a little Linux box at heart is it easily updated – the latest adds automated ISP testing and ranking.

Automated Speed Tests

Now on Fingbox, you can run up to 6 Automated Speed Tests per day at the times you choose.

Get network performance data over long periods of time and get reports on the trends and anomalies of your ISP’s performance. This feature is also particularly handy for those of you concerned about your ISP’s promised speed and level of service particularly identifying high contention level times (too many people sharing your bandwidth).

ISP Ranking

By clicking on SCOREBOARD from the Internet Speed tab, you can find out how your ISP ranks compared to those in your city and country. Compare your Internet Experience with the average ISP experience of others using a fing box.

Fing is available online for A$169 plus freight. There are no ongoing subscription costs.