Remington Salon Pro Wet2Straight

Reviewer: Ella Smith

The Remington Salon Pro Wet2Straight hair straightener is designed to straighten wet hair. There is no need to blowdry your hair before straightening, which is a terrific time saver. Remington says that when you use theWet2Straight, your hair is protected against damage because the cuticle, which lies flat when the hair is wet, remains flat when being straightened, thereby protecting the hair shaft from heat penetration.

The Wet2Straight features straightening plates are ceramic coated, tourmaline ionic coated and Teflon coated. Remington says this coating combination prevents hair damage while reducing static and frizz. Firstly, the straightening plates’ ceramic coating locks in moisture to protect hair against damage; tourmaline, with its ionic properties, protects hair by reducing static and frizz with ionic conditioning and the straightener’s Teflon coated plates prevent sticking.

This straightener comes with a handy heat resistant storage pouch which allows you to safely store the straightener away from dust and dirt. You don’t have to wait for the straightener to cool before you place it in the bag but be careful to place the cord in the back section of the pouch away from the straightener, to avoid damaging the cord.

Setting up

Setting up is very straightforward. You simply remove the straightener from its packaging and remove any stickers from the Wet2Straight (such as warnings about the heated plates and other stickers detailing the straightener’s key features).

Next, you must ensure the Wet2Straight is set on the lowest temperature dial setting and that the switch is set to off. Plug it in, switch it on and a red LED lights up. After approximately 30 seconds the red LED light starts to flash, indicating that the straightener has reached its operating temperature and is ready to use. You can adjust the temperature dial to suit your preference: from a fine setting (for fine, damaged or fragile hair) to thick (recommended for thick or difficult to straighten hair). For normal hair it is suggested that you use a medium setting.

It’s best to shampoo and condition your hair prior to straightening and towel dry your hair to remove excess water. It’s also recommended to comb or brush your hair before you start straightening and the appliance is unsuitable for synthetic wigs or hair extensions.


The Remington Wet2Straight has special vents which channel excess moisture away from the hair. Its surface has vent holes allowing for water to evaporate through them, as well as an LED light power indicator. When the light flickers the straightener is ready to use. It has a swivel cord for easy movement, a variable temperature control dial to suit a range of hair types, on/off switch and side heat guards, so you don’t accidentally burn yourself while straightening. This model has floating plates to improve contact between the hair and plates, to make straightening easier. The width of the straightening plates is also very generous, so you can grab large volumes of hair in one straightening action, too.

Its control dial can be turned while you are holding the straightener and it has a basic wheel design which you can rotate from left (thick hair) to right (fine hair). The power on/off switch is located to the left of this dial.

The straightener is very sturdy looking and the appliance is heavier than some other models I tested. With its basic black housing the design appears a little conservative for my liking and almost masculine. However, for those who prefer a lighter, slimmer version of the Wet2Straight (S8200) there’s the Remington Salon Pro Wet2Straight Slim (S8100) which retails for $103.95. Its straightening plates are about half the width of the S8200 and for people with tiny hands (like me) the S8100 is a lot easier to hold.


The Wet2Straight couldn’t be much simpler to use. Once the LED light starts flickering you can start straightening. As this was my first encounter with the straightening process I found the experience a little awkward at first. This was simply because the styler was a little large for my tiny hands. It also pays to have some hair sectioning clips handy, too, which help you divide your hair into equal sections before straightening. But ultimately, practice makes perfect.

The styling guide supplied with the Wet2Straight was very helpful. It contains valuable information about hair straightening techniques: you must work from the lowest sections of your hair first, straightening from the base of the neck, ensuring vents are directed away from your face or scalp. The styling guide says the smaller the sections used, the better the results, and this was my experience too.

The straightening plates were wider and longer than many other models I’ve tested so you’re getting value for money with these ones and I think the wide plates would be particularly helpful for those with large quantities of hair to straighten.

Users are warned that the holes in the plates should be held away from the face and heat as the steam which escapes through these is very hot. You are also warned not to place your hands over or near vent holes while straightening. Thankfully Remington has included a neat indentation on the straightener’s handle that helps you hold the straightener correctly and avoid the heat of the plates. The simple indent also is a good visual barrier that discourages you from sliding your fingers any higher up the styler than necessary, too. It’s incredibly simple yet highly effective. You simply close the plates over a section of hair and glide the straightener down the section of hair, gently moving from roots to tip.

When my towel-dried hair came into contact with the ceramic+tourmaline+Teflon coated plates there was a loud loud hiss and some steam. This was initially alarming but this is a normal user experience and the hissing was simply the sound of excess water evaporating. According to Remington, this water acts as a barrier between your hair and the heat, ensuring the cuticle is closed prior to straightening.

The straightening process for my shoulder length hair only took about 5-10 minutes. I found the result to be somewhat fluffy and my hair appeared quite dry afterwards, even using the styler on a low heat.

A handy straightening guide supplies helpful do’s and don’ts to consider when straightening. For example, you can use the straightener on dry hair (which I was unsure about). As well, you can apply a styling product before using the straightener and you should ensure your hands are dry before you use the Wet2Straight, for obvious safety reasons.

It’s also worth mentioning that to clean the straightener’s plates you simply disconnect the unit from the power outlet, allow it to cool and wipe the exterior and plates with a soft damp cloth. Be careful not to use an abrasive cleaning fluid or material to clean the plates as this could scratch them.


Thanks to the long, wide plates of the Remington Wet2Straight I found this straightener to be a real time saver when creating straight styles fresh out of the shower, without the need to blow dry my hair beforehand.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Sturdy, appears bulletproof, ceramic+tourmaline ionic+Teflon coated plates
Conservative design, quite bulky