Replace up to eight A/V remote controls with the Philips SRU9600

Philips Electronics Australia wants to make your life simpler this Christmas by introducing a stylish solution to remote control clutter with an 8-in-1 universal remote control – the SRU9600. Featuring an innovative and award-winning  touchscreen, the SRU9600 is the ultimate gift for the home entertainment lover this holiday season.

Winner of a Consumer Electronic Show Innovation Award, the Philips Prestigio SRU9600 Universal Remote Control provides a single control solution for all home entertainment equipment with a number of intelligent features.

Unlike other universal remote controls, where a three-digit code is often required to identify a brand and device, the Philips SRU9600 incorporates easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions enabling it to work with almost any brand of consumer electronics equipment. For added reassurance, the SRU9600 can also easily ‘learn’ remote control codes from other infra-red handsets if they are not already included in the on-board database.

A rotary controller enables easy navigation through the set-up stages and to access the control screens for each device loaded into the system. To make operation of multiple home entertainment devices at once easy, the SRU9600 can be set up via an on-screen ‘wizard’ to create one-touch control commands.

Convenience is significantly enhanced by a unique touch-sensitive LCD display which provides easy access to advanced commands, including a backlighting feature that only illuminates buttons needed for specific functions.

Contained within a luxurious black and silver-effect casing, the SRU9600 adds a distinctly glamorous touch to the usual functionality of remote control design.

The SRU9600 is one of 17 Philips Universal Remote Controls available this year.

Price and availability

Available in major electrical retailers around Australia in November, the Philips SRU9600 will have an RRP of $299.95 inc. GST