Retravision going out of business, appliances on sale

Grab your wallets people, because one of Australia’s last big electronics and appliance retailers is putting on a sale, with ovens, cooktops, cameras, and appliances hitting bargain basement prices this weekend.

With Retravision Southern going under, the administrators have turned to GraysOnline to auction much of the stock, effectively pushing the prices down for things like Panasonic Full HD camcorders, HP LaserJet printers, Blanco ovens, and a Fisher & Paykel induction cooktop.

Many of these products normally cost well over a thousand dollars, which means with a starting price of $9 on an auction site and a closing time of some time this weekend, you may end up grabbing a bargain, but there are some things to keep in mind.

One of these is the buyer’s premium, a fee that GraysOnline charges on top of the final winning bid. For these auctions, that looks to be 15%, so if you end up winning the auctions with an $1,100 bid, you’ll actually need to tack $165 on the fee.

Another is the pick-up location, and with many of Retravision’s assets in Victoria, winning items for the kitchen will need to be picked up in Victoria, with no chance of postage or courier available otherwise.

While the Retravision auctioning may end up netting you a bargain, it’s possible that the frenzy of bidding will end up fetching a price close to what the items normally go for, so make sure to keep that in mind.