RHA masters steel with an earphone for more than just metal music

British headphone brand RHA is cooking up a new pair of earphones, and if you’re tired of the whole plastic in-ear thing, you’ll be keen to see what it has in store for Australia.

Heading to stores shortly, the latest product from RHA is the T10i, an all metal earpiece bringing the full metal jacket to your ears, and not in the bullet sense of the phrase.

Rather, RHA’s latest earphone relies on a totally stainless-steel casing for a handmade driver, with that metal body exposed to 1300 degrees of heat for up to ten hours to make sure the shape remains solid and durable.

Filters are installed on the inside of the earphone to make the responses better, and we’re told there’s a custom tuning filter to adjust the response.

“The T10i in-ear headphone has a wealth of features that came about as the result of our ongoing R&D in high end audio,” said Lewis Heath, Product Director at RHA.

“It takes some of the pioneering technologies, materials and engineering processes we developed for use with our forthcoming range of specialist, high impedance IEMs and makes them available in a product that can be powered by a smartphone or tablet.”

While we haven’t seen RHA for a couple of years, the last pair we checked out from the brand impressed us greatly, with excellent sound and a value price, so we have high hopes for this pair.

The T10i in-earphones will also include a 1.35 metre cable with a three-button remote designed to work with Apple iDevices, but should be compatible for the middle button with other products. Several pairs of silicone and memory foam tips are also includes, as is a patent pending over-ear hook that can be fitted to your ear.

Pricing for the RHA T10i comes in with a recommended retail price of $299, and while we’re not quite sure who will be stocking them, we’ve heard Addicted to Audio is one of the few places you’ll find these in-ears.