RHA revives its custom tuning earphones for more accuracy

British brand Reid Heath Acoustics has been developing some interesting products over the past few years, but its flagship T series definitely got our attention last year with its customisable tuning.

Now, the idea is back, and RHA appears to have made some progress in its quest for a pair of perfectly balanced in-ears.


For starters, there’s still the choice of customised tuning, because you can’t expect everyone to have the same sort of listening experience, so RHA provides a reference set of tuning filters, while also delivering a pair made more for treble and another pair designed to enhance the bass.

That’s the way it was last time, though we found reference wasn’t quite close in our review, and treble managed closer. Here’s hoping that is one of the changes.


RHA has said, however, that the driver design has changed on the inside of the earphones, though, and while most earphones rely on a driver with one coil, RHA has built a driver with two coils separated by a magnet.

The theory with this design is that the audio signal will separate into two sets of frequencies when it hits this dual-coil design, sending low and mid tones to one, while highs go to the other.


Isolation is also key to this, and so there’s a metal casing for the driver with ten pairs of tips, including some foam ones, because foam can be better at separation.

The cable is also said to be a little higher grade, and RHA has even pushed up the quality of the ear loop cable, partially to help it stay in if you go running with them.


That said, with a price of $379 without a microphone and $399.95 with one (and a remote), we’re not sure if RHA’s T20/T20i are a pair of in-earphones designed for exercising. We’re sure there are people out there that would dig these for all purposes, but balanced audio above all appears to be what these are designed for.

We’re looking forward to reviewing these, though, that we can tell you, and if you can’t wait to see what we think, you’ll find RHA’s T20 earphones in specialists shortly.