Ricoh GXR digital camera – official pricing released

The recently announced Ricoh GXR digital camera – a world-first camera technology utilising an interchangeable, self-contained lens system, incorporating lens, image sensor and digital signal processing chip – now has an officlal price.

Back on November 10, when we first wrote about this revolutionary new camera, only indicative pricing released. But details of the official pricing has now been released.

For the individual elements of the system, the recommended retail prices are:

  • GXR Body = $699
  • A12 Camera Unit (50 mm F2.5 MACRO camera unit): $999
  • S10 Camera Unit ( 24-72 mm F2.5-4.4 VC camera unit): $649


And if you buy the camera and interchangeable lens(es) in a bundle, the prices are:

  • GXR + A12 = $1,599 (saving $200)
  • GXR + S10 = $1,199 (saving $150)


And if you buy the whole shebang:

  • GXR body + A12 + S10 = $2,099 (saving $250)