Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera gives 360-degree view at great price

Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera launch
Image: supplied.

Providing more flexibility for home security systems, the new Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera is the Amazon-owned company’s first to come with an integrated tilt mount. It adds to the increasing number of ways you can install your own home security system.

Capable of panning side-to-side 360 degrees and tilting vertically on a 169-degree axis, the camera helps monitor a wider area. Its motorised built-in base enables the panning and tilting, and you can control the camera’s movements remotely.

A plug-in device, the Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera records 1080p colour footage day and night. For extra flexibility, you can also wall-mount the camera or sit it on a flat surface.

Like similar smart security devices, the motion-enabled camera has two-way communication. Via the built-in microphone and speaker, you can speak with someone through the camera. As part of the Ring ecosystem, which includes a phone app, you’ll get motion detection notifications. Whether it’s a misbehaving pet or an intruder, you can then chime in to let them know you’re watching.

Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera motion pet
Catch a naughty dog in the act wherever you are. Image: supplied.

More premium smart features require a paid subscription, however. A Ring Protect plan, starting at $4.95 per month, unlocks longer video cloud storage, more customisation, and specific notifications, like when a delivery arrives at home.

Privacy is a warranted concern for any internet-connected device, including home security cameras. To address this, the Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera comes with a manual privacy cover when you don’t want to be recorded at home. Enabling the cover shuts off both audio and video recordings, giving you some privacy when you want it.

Plus, the Ring app lets you customise various privacy settings at a software level. Only want to monitor a specific section of a room? You can designate privacy zones to block out anything you don’t want captured.

Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Camera price

Priced at $129, the new camera from Ring launches on 31 May across the brand’s website and Amazon.

If you don’t need the panning or tilting functionality, Ring’s 2nd Gen Indoor Camera also received a facelift. The $99 device will soon come in Blush and Starlight colours, adding to the existing Black and White versions. These new colours come to Australia starting on 24 July.

Ring’s motorised indoor camera is well-priced for a device able to pan and tilt. There are plenty of premium security devices available, like Ring’s own $349 video doorbell, so it’s encouraging to see more affordable products enter the market.

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