Roborock’s latest vacuum cleaner can find all your dust and pets

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum in dock
Image: supplied.

Celebrating 10 years of making vacuum cleaners, Roborock launched its latest range in Cairns this week, led by the robotic S8 MaxV Ultra.

The models ranged from an affordable and zippy cordless vacuum cleaner, to the most expensive robot vacuum cleaner currently available in Australia.

The Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra is the fanciest of the vacuum cleaners, and at $2,999, it would want to be. It has pretty much every feature Roborock has to offer, with Dan Cham, Roborock Head of Marketing APAC, telling the assembled media that it’s the product of the US$300 million investment the company has put into research and development since 2019.

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra grows an arm

A ’FlexiArm’ Side Brush is the hero feature of the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra. It’s a brush on an arm that aims to really get into the corners of a room. Unlike the side arm on the Dyson 360 Vis Nav, the Side Brush isn’t an extra vacuum tongue, but a brush that pushes the corner dust into the waiting mouth of the main machine.

Following on that same theme, the S8 MaxV Ultra also has an edge mopping system that reaches out to the edge of a room to get the place fully clean. That’s something I haven’t really seen in other models I’ve tested.

Other highlights include a VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System (with two vibration modes and high-speed “sonic” mopping) which can raise up when the vacuum cleaner detects carpet, a DuoRoller Rise Brush (to reduce hair tangles), 10,000Pa suction, and a ‘Carpet Boost+’ system. Oh, and the ability to recognise and find your pets so you can video call them from anywhere in the world through the vacuum cleaner. Because why not?

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra dog
Want to call your dog while away? Roborock’s latest vacuum lets you do just that. Image: supplied.

Helpfully, the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra will also check to see how dirty the mopping feet are when they’re washed and dried at the auto-empty station, and if they reach a certain threshold of dirtiness, the robot will go out and clean your floor again.

If you’re keen to try it, the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra has just hit stores this week.

Q Revo up your home cleaning

If $3k for a vacuum cleaner is a bit rich for your blood, there’s also the newish Roborock Q Revo MaxV for $2,199. It is essentially a step down from the fancier S8 MaxV Ultra. It has 7,000Pa of suction, it still checks both the mop feet and your floor to see if it needs to rewash both of them, and you can still talk to your pets through it.

Comparatively, it doesn’t have the auto detergent dispenser, either mopping or vacuuming arm, high-speed sonic mopping, or the double roller brush. But it does have a slightly larger dustbin, and it’s a bit quieter.

Down the more affordable end of the range, there’s the new Flexi wet/dry vacuum cleaner range, a more compact but supposedly equally efficient version of the brand’s Dyad range. The Flexi Pro is $999, cleans with 60-degree Celsius hot water, and can be manoeuvred to be completely flat to clean under furniture.

The Flexi Lite is the budget option, for $699. It’s a bit lighter (4kg vs 5kg), but the auto brush drying takes an hour instead of 30 minutes, and it has a 40-minute battery life instead of 50. It also lacks the built-in headlight, SlideTech Adaptive Wheels and app compatibility. But in the demonstration at the event, it still did an admirable job of cleaning up spilled juice, and appears to be a good budget-conscious option.

Roborock recently celebrated the milestone of becoming the number-one selling robot vacuum cleaner brand worldwide, boasting a long list of countries where it came out on top.

According to Cham, the brand is still building in Australia, but has confidence that it’ll soon be the most popular here, too.

If you want to check out the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra or QRevo MaxV, they’re available now from all good electronics retailers, with the Flexi range due to launch on 31 May.

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Alice Clarke travelled to Cairns as a guest of Roborock.