Roborock S8 robot vacuums want you to forget about cleaning

Roborock S8 Plus robot vacuum

Smart cleaning devices are set to get smarter soon, with the arrival of the Roborock S8 series of robot vacuums.

Coming in May, the new range consists of three devices: the entry-level Roborock S8, the S8+, and the premium S8 Pro Ultra. First revealed at CES 2023 earlier in the year, these cleaning devices are said to be more intelligent and have greater suction power than previous models. At 6000Pa, Roborock claims it’s the most powerful suction the company has produced so far.

One of the biggest features Roborock highlighted at a recent launch event in Uluru was the vacuum’s dual roller brushes. This design helps reduce the likelihood of tangled hair and pet fur, and any manual handling required to de-tangle the brushes.

There are some great robot vacuums available in Australia, which include the Roborock Q7 Max we reviewed last year. This year’s range promises a range of improvements across the board.

Roborock S8 range main features

At the top end, the $2,699 Pro Ultra model has brushes that automatically lift up to 5mm out of the way during mop-only mode and when it docks. The idea is that this reduces cross-contamination and the risk of damaging the brushes when cleaning up spills. It also has two vibration points, scrubbing floors up to 3,000 times per minute for a thorough clean.

Also included with the Pro Ultra is the Roborock RockDock Ultra to expand the brand’s hands-off cleaning approach. This uniquely-named dock not only automatically empties the robot’s dustbin and washes its mop pads, but it also dries the mop for you. Controllable via the mobile app, the mop-drying feature aims to stop mould growth and smelly odours before they can set in.

All three models use reactive 3D obstacle avoidance technology to identify and remember objects in the way so they don’t crash into them. One of the main differences between the S8 and the S8+ is that the latter comes with an auto-empty dock station. While it won’t perform the whole mop care routine of the Pro Ultra, the S8+ dock gives you up to seven weeks of not needing to empty the dust reservoir yourself.

Availability, price and pre-order bonuses

Available in May, here’s what each new robot vacuum will cost:

  • Roborock S8: $1,199
  • Roborock S8+: $1,899
  • Roborock S8 Pro Ultra: $2,699

If you pre-order one of the Roborock S8 robot vacuums between 7-28 April 2023, you’ll also get an additional accessory pack at no extra cost. Valued at $149.90, the pack includes two additional side brushes, two mop cloths, and two filters. Redemption for the pre-order bonuses is live until 30 May 2023 via the Roborock website.

Once May rolls around, you’ll be able to buy the range from retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Godfreys, Bing Lee, David Jones, Mobileciti, Robot Specialists, and the Roborock Online Store.