Route 66 and TomTom join forces for augmented reality GPS navigation

Turn-by-turn navigation is about to get a whole lot cooler with a new piece of software that merges real-life and on-screen to keep your eyes on the road ahead.


Created by navigation software company Route 66 and using maps provided by Tom Tom, “Route 66 Maps + Navigation” merges takes advantage of the rear camera found on Android phones and tablets by using the video from the camera and overlaying a digital car for you to follow.

Route 66’s “Follow Me” technology as seen through the eyes of a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

A premium navigation solution, the “Follow Me” augmented reality feature can be purchased from within the app. Unlike regular GPS solutions, specific map downloads don’t appear to be an issue here, with the application downloading the maps as and when they’re needed.

Route 66 wouldn’t tell us when the new program would be available (aside for “soon”), but when it is, any phone or tablet with Android 2.1 or higher will be able to make use of it.