RSS is an acronym for either Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, and in essence allows you to quickly view new and updated web content. So rather than you having to visit a site and figure out the new from the old, by subscribing to RSS feeds you are able to quickly see the latest content of your favourite websites – at the very least you’ll see the name of the story, and depending upon the method you choose to view the content (see below), you could also see short description. The all you need do is click the stories you want to read, and you’ll be taken directly to the full article on the website.

Methods of reading RSS

1. Via an RSS reader

Some of the more popular RSS readers are (all links will open in a new window):

2. Via a web browser

While the above avenues are perfectly fine methods by which to assemble your RSS feeds, you can get away with keeping RSS ‘within’ your web browser. Most web browsers have, either looking under the Preferences for browser set-up, or using plug-ins – or additional applications – to the browser, the capability to both subscribe to and read RSS feeds.

There are 2 ways in which you can have your browser display RSS feeds. In the first method what you see is simply a page listing the content titles and descriptions. In the second a ‘live bookmark’ is displayed – what this means is that you will see a folder title, for instance GadgetGuy Reviews, and when you place your mouse cursor over GadgetGuy Reviews you will see a list of reviews, usually ordered with the newest content displaying first.

Of these 2 methods the first is probably preferable, as getting the feeds listed on a page allows you to see a short description as well as the title.

3. Via email (see below)

Our RSS feeds

Below is a list of the addresses for our RSS feeds. Just copy and paste them into your browser or reader, and depending upon your preferred method of receiving the feed, or browser type, they will appear as a HTML page or a live bookmark, with the title and short description of each article, blog and review, plus a link to the full text of each on the GadgetGuy website.

Even easier – RSS by email

An even easier way to receive our RSS feeds is via email. Once a day, and only on days we post content, you’ll receive an email containing the headline and short description of the article, blog or review, with a link to the full text of each on the GadgetGuy website.

Just click the links below, and you’re taken to a sign-up page. Type in the email address you want the feed directed to, and momentarily you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Then each day you’ll be able to keep on top of what we’ve published. Easy!

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Still a little mystified?

For an easy-to-follow introduction to RSS, commoncraft have made a terrific video, called RSS in Plain English:

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