Rumour: Apple readying a low-cost MacBook Air?

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Apple’s thin and light MacBook Air range has been one of the strongest competitors to fight against the Ultrabook. Combining good looks, fast innards, and strong aesthetics, PC makers have been scrambling to come up with their own version that beats it on its own terms. But Apple may actually be one step ahead.

According to reports from overseas, Apple may be looking at a new MacBook Air model that brings the cost of the 11 inch MacBook Air down from its current price point of $1099 closer to $799 (USD).

The new model could be equipped with a low-power Intel 3rd generation Core processor, powered by the new “Ivy Bridge” technology that looks set to grace most computers arriving in the next few months.

Currently, Apple’s most expensive MacBook Air model comes in at $1799, but with a rumoured 15 inch MacBook Air possible in the coming months, we may see the bigger notebook take the top spot and force the small 11 inch Air down in a less expensive place.

That would certainly give Apple an edge where no other Ultrabook manufacturer has competed yet, offering a solid computing experience for well under a thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, Intel is expected to push manufacturers hard this year, and we anticipate quite a few sub-$1000 machines to arrive in the next few months.