Rumour: Apple readying hi-res displays for MacBooks

We’ve heard this rumour for some time, and now it looks like it may be happening, with talk that Apple really is prepping some high resolution screens for its upcoming MacBook refresh.

It would come at a pivotal time, as manufacturers from around the world show off their latest wares at Computex this week, many of which will use screens using fairly current display technology with a maximum of Full HD 1920×1080 pixels, if that.

Apple’s rumoured Retina display for laptops is expected to push notebook display technology to a new place, potentially doubling the amount of pixels shown on a laptop and making text, images, and just about everything else that much clearer.

If this rumour pans out, we’re sure to hear something next week, when Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off and Apple puts a stop to the speculation with the truth. We hope it’s as good as it sounds.