Rumour: Microsoft to show iPad competition at CES 2011

This year, we’ve seen the release of Microsoft’s competitor to the smartphone game, but still no real tablet player. What’s going on?

There was hope earlier this year that Microsoft would be producing an iPad competitor, especially as some concepts were shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. But so far, nothing altogether new has surfaced.

We’ve seen Apple’s iPad, a few Android devices, and even a glimpse of BlackBerry’s attempt, but nothing new from Microsoft running a more touch-friendly implementation of Windows 7.

According to new rumours, some major Microsoft announcements at CES will centre on tablets and a new version of Windows – possibly Windows 8 – designed for them.

With the Consumer Electronics Show in just a few weeks, we’re pretty sure that all will be revealed. GadgetGuy will have people in Las Vegas too, so make sure you check back in January when Microsoft tells us just what it plans to do.