Rumour: New Apple TV on track for March?

If you were thinking of grabbing an Apple TV for your home theatre setup, you have two options: get in now, or wait for a refresh that’s likely just around the corner.

Sources are today suggesting that a refresh of Apple’s tiny TV device will happen in March, as stock of the current Apple TV begins to disappear.

A new model is expected to bring either a faster chipset and upgraded software, or being a completely different device altogether, possibly with Apple building it’s own TV sets with the Apple TV built directly in.

Meanwhile, other manufacturers will be rushing to get their Apple TV competitors out as quickly as possible including Google’s own TV-based efforts and Samsung’s InTouch kit, a product that aims to let any TV owner – not just those with Samsung sets – gain access to YouTube, Skype and apps.

Announced at CES this year, Samsung's InTouch may be one of the biggest competitors for Apple TV.