Rumour: New iPhone and iPad next year?


If you were thinking of holding off buying an iPad or iPhone because you weren’t sure what was coming, a new rumour surfacing today suggests you might want to wait a little longer. We’re hearing murmurs suggesting early 2011 might both a new iPad and a new iPhone ready for consumers.
The new iPad is expected to be approximately two inches smaller than the 9.7-inch model currently sold at under the iPad name. The expectation is that this would bring Apple’s established iPad branding to people who wanted a smaller and lighter device, and would make it more suitable for anyone after a replacement for their GPS.
As for the iPhone replacement, rumours suggest it will be a replacement for the iPhone 4 and get rid of any antenna problem the current crop of users might be having.
Considering Apple previously would time its announcements with the Consumer Electronics Show in January of each year, we can only wonder how early “early 2011” actually is.