Rumour Roundup: A new iPhone already?

It’s barely been two weeks since the release of Apple’s latest and greatest product, the iPhone 4. So why is there already talk of an iPhone 5 for January?

Most of these rumours are based on one main reason for an imminent upgrade: the antenna problems affecting so many people.
We’re not sure Apple would call a phone with a fixed antenna a totally new iPhone, so we could be hearing about an iPhone 4GS instead of an iPhone 5. Regardless, we could have an updated iPhone as early as January next year.
It’s not just a new iPhone that’s being talked up, however. We’re also hearing that as many as two new iPads might show their beautifully glossy touchscreen faces early next year.
Both an iPad 2 and a smaller seven-inch iPad – probably an “iPad Mini” – are being rumoured. Given that Apple has adopted a front camera in the iPhone 4, you can probably expect that this will be one of the changes in the next iPad.

A new “iPad Mini” is being rumoured, taking the 9.7-inch screen size down to a more hand-friendly 7 inches.
Meanwhile, with the everything-camera convention Photokina coming up in September, the rumours are circling like vultures on Canon and Nikon. While neither have announced anything officially, both are expected to announce at least one new digital SLR.
Canon is expected to announce a replacement to the enthusiast 50D digital SLR, with several compact cameras announced alongside. The new 60D model is expected to include an articulating rear LCD screen similar to what’s found on the Panasonic G2 Micro Four-Thirds camera.
Nikon’s next entry in the consumer space looks quite interesting with a likely replacement to the D3000 entry-level digital SLR. The next model – a rumoured D3100 – is being hinted at 14 megapixel, low-light sensitivity up to ISO 12,800, and a Full HD 1080p continuous autofocus system when recording video.
Continuous autofocus in video on a digital SLR is practically unheard of and if true, it makes us wonder what Nikon has planned for the more expensive digital SLRs later down the track.
A follow-up to Nikon’s S1000pj digital camera with a built-in projector is also expected. The new model is being tipped to include a rear touchscreen and a remote. Here’s hoping Nikon include the ability to play back your own formats so you can watch your own videos on any wall you choose.
The Nikon Coolpix S1000pj was the first camera to include a built-in projector. Is it time for an upgrade?