Russell Hobbs Reflections rice cooker

What it is

A rice cooker and steamer in one with an elegant glass and stainless steel finish. It’s part of Russell Hobbs’ Reflections Range of kitchen appliances. You can buy a wide variety of benchtop appliances with the same look and feel as this rice cooker (with glass and stainless steel) such as a panini press, toasters, a coffee maker, a cordless kettle, a slow cooker and a rechargeable salt and pepper mill.

Essential info

This rice cooker combines frosted glass and stainless steel design, making it a good fit for contemporary kitchen designs.

What we liked

  • Stainless steel finish
  • Basic controls (very straightforward to use)
  • Can use this product for steaming, boiling and simmering
  • The affordable price – $69.95
  • Complements other Reflections Range products including a panini press, 2-slice and 4-slice toasters, cordless kettle, slow cooker and rechargeable salt and pepper milll (a ‘family’ of benchtop appliances)

More information

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