Ruthenium emerges as a material in Ultrasone’s new luxurious headphones

A new pair of headphones from Ultrasone will probably push your budget as well as your knowledge of metals with its new special edition “2010” headphones.

For just under $3000, you can get your hands on a pair of Ultrasone Edition 10, a set of headphones that boasts titanium-plated 40mm drivers, Ethiopian sheepskin padding for your ears, silver-plated copper wires with kevlar coating the cables, wooden headphone holders and case, and a rare metal called “ruthenium” that is actually a part of the platinum group on the periodic table of elements.
There. You’ve learned something for the day.
You’ve also probably learned that these headphones are out of your budget, but just in case you’re considering buying a pair for your very, very, very rich uncle, be aware that only 2010 of these babies are being made.