Samsung 11kg AddWash front-loader for a smarter home (review)

Samsung AddWash
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I connected a Samsung 11Kg AddWash front loader (WW11K8412OW) to my home Wi-Fi network using Samsung’s SmartHome App. Samsung proudly states, “Control and monitor the washing machine both at home and on the move.”

While the promise of a smart home relies on Wi-Fi connectivity, I cannot see the point with a washing machine. Dirty the clothes. Take said clothes to the washing machine. Insert, remembering to remove tissues from pockets. Select the program you always use (regardless of what you put in). Wait an hour or so for it to finish.

Does the app change this DTISW cycle? No.

Does the app magically send a minion to sort and hang the washed items? No.

Enough said. Well, no. SmartHome adds value by capturing your details in its database.

There is another app called Samsung Smart Washer for self-diagnosis of the health of the machine. But I was flummoxed by the instructions.

Samsung 11KG AddWash

“Turn power off and on then press the Smart Check button and hold for 3 seconds before 10 seconds is passed after turning the power on again.” WTF?

On with the review – Samsung 11Kg AddWash front loader (WW11K8412OW)

I wanted a larger capacity washer for my central coast waterside home – something that could hold sheets and large towels in the one wash and handle larger blankets and throw rugs etc.

I previously had a 7.5KG front loader, but it was just a little small. Samsung makes front loaders from 7.5KG to 16KG with or without integrated condenser dryers. Condenser dryers are good but add a lot of time to a cycle. A separate dryer is a better investment unless you lack laundry space.

The Samsung 11KG AddWash is a standard size of 600 (W) x 600 (D) x 850 (H) mm. It is the largest capacity to fit under a standard bench. At 76KG I am glad they sent two strong men to carry it up a flight of stairs!

So what does a washing machine have to do? GadgetGuy has a great history reviewing washing machines. Our paradigms for review include

  • Clean clothes (using the same program you always use)
  • Energy and water efficiency
  • A selection of programs including a gentle delicate/hand wash cycle for wool etc
  • Do it in a reasonable time
  • Be relatively quiet
  • Maintenance needs

Spoiler alert: I guess you can say the Samsung 11KG AddWash does it all.


Programs are simply a way of changing the number of rinses, spin speeds, soak times and length of the cycle.

Samsung has perhaps too many choices but does remember the last you use. In my case, Super Speed gives a 59-minute wash. It also has

  • Cotton
  • Cotton low energy
  • Synthetics
  • Bedding
  • Wool
  • Rinse and spin
  • Intensive cold
  • Delicates
  • Baby care
  • Outdoor care
  • Dark garments
  • Cooking and dining stain removal
  • Gardening stain removal
  • Active sports stain removal
  • Active Kids stain removal
  • Working and everyday stain removal
  • Hygiene care

As well as

  • Pre-wash
  • Intensive soak
  • Bubble soak
  • Easy iron
  • Quick 15/30-minute wash (2KG)
  • Delay end
  • Drum clean (every 40 or so washes)
  • Child Lock
  • Wi-Fi connect
  • Calibration (weight calibration)
  • And a host of other setup options like screen brightness and language etc

Now that I have read the instructions and written about it I will remember that it can select Baby care for baby poo removal (grandchildren someday, hopefully), Hygiene care for blood removal (keep knives away from my wife), and I may investigate Easy iron as well.

If I ever get into the garden or spill red wine on my shirt, then it’s nice to know ‘Sammy’ will do that too.

Economy – superb

I was a little surprised that it only had one cold water hose – where is the usual hot one?

It contains a ceramic heater to bring water up to 70°. Apparently, it adds little time to the cycles and being ceramic never needs calcium removal.

It gets 4 stars for energy efficiency and 4.5 for water efficiency. These are about doubly efficient as previous generation washers.

Noise/vibration – none

Samsung has VRT Plus digital sensors to compensate for a clothing imbalance by adjusting spin speed to improve the stability of the washer. In washes with heavy bath-sheet towels, king-size 1000-thread sheets and even washable pillows it was rock solid with no undue vibrations.

Maintenance – what maintenance?

In the forty years I have owned front loaders I don’t think I have ever done maintenance except to check the filter occasionally for coins etc.

The good news is that apart from a front opening filter hatch that you check occasionally the only other thing is to a drum clean cycle when the machine tells you. It is that simple.

The unit has a 12-month warranty and 11 years parts warranty on the digital inverter motor. Outside of warranty Samsung or its many Australia-wide aim agents for a quick visit time.

How does it wash?

Forgetting all the marketing jargon like Bubble Wash, Water Shot, Speed Spray, Diamond Drum, Auto load sensor and VRT vibration reduction it washed very well.

On the Super Speed (I am impatient) it removed stubborn stains yet did not need more than 40° and 1400RPM spins.

I like the light in the drum (no more orphaned socks), Add Wash is very handy, and the LCD screen keeps you informed of the time left.

The Wool cycle cleaned a blanket perfectly with no shrinkage. The delicate/hand wash gave possibly better results than washing it by hand.

Samsung 11Kg AddWash

What is Addwash? I was not fussed about AddWash as a buying criteria. It is a trap door that allows you to add forgotten items at any time.

But my wife thought it was a good idea, and most of Samsung’s range now feature that.

After using it, I now love AddWash. Put your dirty clothes in, start it up and inevitably find a pair of dirty socks or undies after you have started.

GadgetGuy’s take – Samsung 11kg AddWash front-load

Disclosure: I purchased this unit from a retailer after looking at a range of 10KG+ machines that may have met my purchase criteria. The only other brand/model that came close was LG’s WD1411SBW, but it was 80mm deeper, and space was my criteria.

Smart washing machine – not really. The app does nothing special, and it is not the reason to select it over another brand.

Over the years I have owned Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Simpson, Miele, Bosch, Fisher and Paykel, and some emerging Chinese brands.

Some lasted five years and then died. Some were sold with houses and are still going strong. And some were so bad I vowed never to buy that brand again (and you would be shocked that these were the more expensive brands).

I guess I have developed a certain fondness for Samsung front-loaders. Most of my family and extended family have them and are happy. Without exception, they work and are trouble-free. The oldest still in use and going strong was bought circa 2005.


  • Fair price if you shop around
  • Fits standard 600 x 600 x 850 under-bench cavities
  • One cold water hose (saves money)
  • Very water and energy wise
  • Plethora of programs
  • 59-minute standard wash
  • AddWash is handy
  • Samsung quality


  • 76KG – it is a two-man lift
  • Wi-Fi app is a joke – adds no value at present to a washer


  • Overall: 4.6 out of 5
  • Features: 4 out of 5 – lost a point due to Wi-Fi not adding value
  • Value for money: 4 out of 5 – If you drive a bargain and get it under $1400 it is a bargain so add a point
  • Performance: 5 out of 5 – more programs that you will ever need
  • Ease of Use: 5 out of 5 – Select Super Speed and 59 minutes later voila
  • Design: 5 out of 5 – AddWash, lit drum, compact size


$1999. Major stores tend to sell it around $1,400-1,700.

Seconds World has it from $854 as a factory second (subject to supply) to $1,256 for brand new (plus delivery).


Value for money
Ease of Use
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The largest capacity you can fit into a standard under-bench cavity
Wi-Fi Smart App does not add value