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The Samsung 2020 Jet VS70 and VS90 stick vac range use the Jet VS70 and VS90 Stick vacuums – the differences are in the accessories.

First, we will look at the Jet VS70/VS90 Stick and then the accessories, including the option to purchase a spare battery and something called a Jet Clean Station.

Samsung Jet VS70 and VS90 Stick Vac range – 150W/200

Website here

We have not seen these models yet and have asked for review units. Please take any comments as preliminary. There is also a 200W VS20 model (VS20R9042T2), and differences will be in brackets.

It is similar in concept to the LG A9 or the Dyson V11 series – a motorised head, wand, cylindrical cyclone vacuum, pistol grip and various filters.


  • 1850mAh 410W (2850mAh 550W)
  • Recharge time – approx. 3.5 hours
  • Comes with charger cradle that can be wall or desk mounted (Z station floor standing)

Cleaning Time

Battery life is based on speed setting (Max/Mid/Min) and accessories used. Times are not available for the Wet setting. There is a LED battery indicator. The batteries are removable and replaceable.

  • Handy – 5/20/40 (6/30/60) minutes
  • Soft Action Brush – 6/20/30 (6/20/40
  • Turbo Action Brush – 5/18/27 (9/20/35)


  • HEPA – ultra-fine – shake the dust out – replace when necessary
  • Micro-fine – wash
  • Metal grill – appears washable
  • Dustbin – washable
Samsung 2020 Jet VS70 and VS90 Stick Vac


  • Soft Action motorised brush – removable but not washable
  • Turbo Action motorised brush – ditto
  • Wet motorised brush – uses a single or multi-use micro pad on the wet motorised head. No vacuum – motor off
Samsung 2020 Jet VS70 and VS90 Stick Vac

Dust capacity

  • .8l (both)

Weight (not including cleaning accessories)

  • 2.6kg (2.8kg)
  • Wand extends 930-1140mm

Clean station (works with VS70 and VS90)

While it is easy to clean, you can get a clean station that docks the dustbin and uses a separate 5-layer activated charcoal and HEPA system to remove 99.999% of dust particles (down to .3μm). The filter unit requires annual replacement, but the pre-filter requires attention between uses.

Samsung 2020 Jet VS70 and VS90 Stick Vac

It traps the debris in a 2-litre replaceable paper bag. It is 600x185x180mmx5.5kg and uses 1600W power.


VS15T7032R1VS70 with Turbo Brush$899.00
VS15T7035R5VS70 with Turbo + Spinning Sweeper      $1,049.00
VS15T7036R5VS70 with Turbo + Soft Action Brush$1,049.00
VS20R9042T2VS90 with Turbo Brush$1,299.00
VS20R9045T3VS90 with Turbo + Spinning Sweeper$1,399.00
VS20R9046T3VS90 with Turbo + Soft Action Brush$1,399.00
VCA-SAE90AJet Clean Station (Grey)$399
$100 with VS90
VCA-SAE90BJet Clean Station (White)$399
VCA-SBT90Jet VS90 Battery$249.00
VCA-SBT90EJet Light VS70 Battery$199.00

GadgetGuy’s take – The Samsung 2020 Jet VS70 and VS90 Stick Vac range is interesting

Until we review them, we can’t comment on ease of use or performance but on specs they look a match for the LG and Dyson equivalents.

And it is great to see all three now using removable batteries as typical cycle life is about 500 recharges.