Samsung 2021 French Door range – Mais oui

Samsung 2021 French Door
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Samsung has always had desirable French Door refrigerators, but the coming Samsung 2021 French Door range is ‘Mais oui’ – But yes, you must consider.

It’s hard to get excited about any fridge whose ultimate purpose is to keep fresh food, fresh and frozen goods well, frozen. But an awful lot of thought has gone Samsung 2021 French Door range. So if you need a big fridge (665-825 litres) and can fit a French Door in the kitchen, you need to consider these.

French door means that top refrigerator section opens via two doors to reveal a cavernous wide fridge space. Then a mix of pull-out freezer draws, or dual doors, ice and water, and some have Samsung’s Family Hub colour display as well. It is a fridge to covet.

Features on some of the Samsung 2021 French Door range (Bespoke Flex Model)

Dress me up – A choice of colours and material changeable panels

Samsung 2021 French Door

Hidden ice and water – a Beverage Centre behind the left’ door within a door’ giving quick access to a water dispenser, bottle/can trays and an automatically-filled water pitcher. It does not open the fridge compartment, so it keeps cold air in.

Samsung 2021 French Door

Dual Auto Ice Maker – which makes regular cubed ice and smaller ‘ice bites’

Samsung 2021 French Door

Flex-Zone – the right bottom door can be a Beverage, Freezer, Meat/Fish, Fruit/Veggies or just more fridge or freezer space.

Samsung 2021 French Door

Crisper+ drawer – airtight, keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer

Flex Crisper – temperature-controlled to be perfect for either for vegetables or meat and fish.

Triple Cooling – independently cools the three separate compartments and enables customized temperatures in each

Metal Cooling – a wider metal plate for more even and fast cooling

Precise Cooling – ensures that the fridge stays the exact temperature you want and links to the Samsung SmartThings app

Andrew Wand, Head of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics Australia, said,

“The Samsung 2021 French Door range is packed with new, smart technologies. New features include innovative storage designed to keep food fresher for longer; the beverage showcase with internal water and ice dispensers with quick access to drinks for easy entertaining; and anti-bacterial handles for improved hygiene. I’m confident these new refrigerators will help many Aussies have a happier and healthier experience at home.”

Samsung’s new French Door Refrigerator range will be available in Australia from next month.

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