Samsung 2021 TV range – bigger and brighter than ever

Samsung Neo QLED
100% human

The Samsung 2021 TV range comprises ten models and a choice of 45 sizes ranging from 32” FHD to 85” 8K Neo QLED. They should be available from major retailers as you read this.

GadgetGuy saw the Samsung 2021 TV range at the launch (4 March) and was impressed. There is something for everyone. Of course the proof is in the pudding when we review some models.

Samsung 2021 TV range has a few categories


  • Sero – a ‘revolutionary’ revolving 43” screen that goes from landscape to portrait to suit smartphone content
  • Serif – a smaller format 43 and 55” with easel or desktop stand
  • Terrace – 55/65/75 TV for reasonably protected outdoors use
  • Frame – over 1400 artworks in a subscription library in 32/43/50/55/65/75”

Laser TV

  • Premier 9-series triple laser 4K ultra-short-throw projector for up to a 130” image.
  • Premier 7-series (TBA)
Up to 130″ and a pretty good picture too


Yes, there still is a demand for a small 32” for bedrooms etc.

Crystal UHD

  • AU8000 – an entry-level Edge-Lit 43/50/55/65/75/85” with prices from $1017 to $3389.
Samsung 2021 TV range
This is what most Aussies on a budget will buy

QLED 4K (Quantum Dot colour and LED full-array local dimming)

  • Q60A in 55/65/75/85” from $1729-4619
  • Q70A in 55/65/75/85” from $2209-5829
  • Q80A in 55/60” from $2679-3489

Neo QLED 4K (mini-LED backlight)

  • QN85A in 55/65/75/85” from $3379-7579
  • QN90A in 50/55/65/75” from $2899-6399
Samsung 2021 TV range
This shows great light and dark control on the 4K Neo QLED

Neo QLED 8K (mini-LED backlight)

  • QN800A in 65/75/85” from $5999-10499
  • QN900A in 65/75/85” from $7579-13999
Samsung 2021 TV range
QN900A is bright enough for a typical Aussie lounge room

Brief overview Neo QLED

Where normal backlights use large bulky LEDs, the Mini-LED is 1/40th the thickness. Using thousands of LEDs and perhaps hundreds of dimming zones, Samsung has taken a step closer to matching OLED – deep blacks, higher brightness, and a pretty fabulous picture.

It is bright, the blacks are closer to true black, and the 2021 image processor can handle far higher AI upscale rates (six neural pipes versus one). Then there is the new thinner panels, flush mounts, and Slim One Connect Box with HDMI 2.1 and eARC capable of 4K@120Hz and <6ms response times. Sound-wise the TVs have up to 4.0.2 speakers, Object Tracking Sound and room calibration.

We also saw a new solar-powered remote. It is far lighter as it does not need batteries and charges from normal room lighting. Samsung also mentioned new eco-friendly packaging.

HDR10+ – royalty-free and gaining support

The big elephant in the room is Samsung not supporting Dolby Vision. It believes HDR10+ will eventually win out over Dolby Vision. When you play Dolby Vision content, it downscales to HDR10 – not 10+.

Microsoft 365 and DeX

The entire range can use Wireless DeX (Samsung’s excellent desktop experience using selected smartphones and tablets) to show a ‘Window’s like’ desktop (with keyboard and mouse) that allows you to run DeX compatible apps like Microsoft 365 cast to the device.

Soundbars too

At the top is the Q950A, an 11.1.4 Dolby Atmos soundbar. The improvement over last year’s model 9.1.4 is the 2.0.2 rear speakers. These have side, front and upwards-firing speakers to add the extra 2 side channels.

Q950A rear spaler
Side, front and top firing rear speakers can also be added to others in the Q-range

These also have Q-Symphony tech, syncing audio from the Samsung TV to deliver enhanced 3-dimensional sound. The soundbar also calibrates to the environment to project audio. They also support Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby.


We will report more on the soundbar range later.

Samsung 2021 TV range price

Visit Samsung Australia TV and AV pages here.

Neo QLED 8KQA85QN900AWXXY85″ QN900A13,999
 QA75QN900AWXXY75″ QN900A10,499
 QA65QN900AWXXY65″ QN900A7,579
 QA85QN800AWXXY85″ QN800A10,499
 QA75QN800AWXXY75″ QN800A7,579
 QA65QN800AWXXY65″ QN800A5,599
Neo QLED 4KQA75QN90AAWXXY75″ QN90A6,399
 QA65QN90AAWXXY65″ QN90A4,899
 QA55QN90AAWXXY55″ QN90A3,849
 QA50QN90AAWXXY50″ QN90A2,899
 QA85QN85AAWXXY85″ QN85A7,579
 QA75QN85AAWXXY75″ QN85A5,249
 QA65QN85AAWXXY65″ QN85A4,429
 QA55QN85AAWXXY55″ QN85A3,379
QLEDQA65Q80AAWXXY65″ Q80A3,489
 QA55Q80AAWXXY55″ Q80A2,679
 QA85Q70AAWXXY85″ Q70A5,829
 QA75Q70AAWXXY75″ Q70A3,499
 QA65Q70AAWXXY65″ Q70A2,799
 QA55Q70AAWXXY55″ Q70A2,209
 QA85Q60AAWXXY85″ Q60A4,619
 QA75Q60AAWXXY75″ Q60A2,889
 QA65Q60AAWXXY65″ Q60A2,189
 QA55Q60AAWXXY55″ Q60A1,729
Crystal UHDUA85AU8000WXXY85″ AU80003,389
 UA75AU8000WXXY75″ AU80002,259
 UA65AU8000WXXY65″ AU80001,689
 UA55AU8000WXXY55″ AU80001,349
 UA50AU8000WXXY50″ AU80001,129
 UA43AU8000WXXY43″ AU80001,017
FHDUA32T5300AWXXY32″ T5300619
The FrameQA75LS03AAWXXY75″4,079
The PremiereSP-LSP9TFAXXY9 SERIES10,999
The TerraceQA75LST7TAWXXY75″10,999
The SeroQA43LS05TAWXXY43″2,329
The SerifQA55LS01TAWXXY55″2,099

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