Samsung 860 QVO SSD saves money and time in hard disk upgrades

Samsung 860 QV0

The Samsung 860 QVO SSD is a cost-effective upgrade to any SATA 6 hard disk. And it is from SSD powerhouse Samsung – it is a given that it is a reliable and quality product.

The Samsung 860 QVO takes a struggling, painfully slow hard disk that may give you at best 200MBps sequential read/write up to over 500MBps read/write with a simple DIY upgrade.

What’s more it reduces boot times from over 2 minutes to under 10 seconds. We are sold!

While the RRP is $199/399/845 for a 1/2/4TB unit you can get them online for around $160/335/700 which takes the price per GB to 15-16 cents a GB – super low cost.

Item Samsung 860 QVO SATA 6 SSD
Storage Memory Samsung V-NAND 4-bit MLC
Controller Samsung MJX Controller
DRAM cache 4GB LPDDR4 for 4TB
2GB LPDDR4 for 2TB
1GB LPDDR4 for 1TB
Sequential Read/Write Speed Up to 550/520 MB/s
Random Read/Write Speed Up to 97K/89K IOPS
Management Software Magician Software for SSD management
Total Bytes Written warranty 1,440TB (4TB)
720TB (2TB)
360TB (1TB)
Warranty Three (3) Year Limited Warranty
1.5 million hours MTBF

Tests: Samsung 860 QVO 1TB

Using an AMD A10 PC, we achieved 554/502MBps sequential read/write as well as very credible random read/write for larger files.

Samsung 860 QVO

Samsung has done an excellent job squeezing out this much speed as it is at the limit of SATA 6 performance.

DIY install is easy

GadgetGuy has written a DIY guide to install new drives in Windows 10 laptops and desktops. It is really not that hard.

Samsung 860 QVO

You have a choice of a clean install which often gets rid of performance issues but is the hardest route. Or you can use Samsung’s data migration tool which copies boot, data and programs over. We cloned 50GB in less than 10 minutes.

GadgetGuy’s take: Do it for the speed

Samsung 860 QVO is an easy and cost effective SATA 6 hard disk upgrade. Seriously – less than 10 minutes to install and clone – foolproof

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Fool-proof, easy install
Samsung qiality and reliability
Replaces old, slow hard disks