Samsung 8K QLED at IFA 2018

Samsung 8K QLED
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If ever I had TV envy it’s over the tantalising 8K announcements coming from IFA. The Samsung 8K QLED is a masterpiece – until 16K comes along!

Samsung’s Q900R, QLED, 8K, HRD has both native 8K and 8K AI Upscaling. The latter is so critical until 8K content is readily available and NBN can handle 8K streams.

It is a real product in four screen sizes (65”, 75”, 82” and 85)/. It will be available in stores from the end of September (depends on region).

Real 8K – 7680 x 4320 pixels – 33,177,600 pixels

To achieve 8K-quality images, the Samsung Q900R features Real 8K Resolution capable of 4,000 nit peak brightness. This is a standard met by most film studios. This means four times more pixels than a 4K UHD TV and 16 times more pixels than a full HD TV.

Q HDR 8K is powered by Samsung’s proprietary HDR (High Dynamic Range) 10+ technology. It optimises the TV’s brightness levels and produces pristine colours and images is also incorporated to deliver pictures as intended by creators.

Samsung 8K QLED

Real 8K upscaling from SD, HD and 4K content

Samsung’s proprietary 8K AI Upscaling technology uses artificial intelligence. It also scales sound quality to a level compatible with 8K regardless of the original source quality or form.

The Q900R features Direct Full Array Elite lighting for enhanced contrast and precise backlighting control. It produces 100% Colour Volume, enabling users to witness billions of shades of colour.

Samsung 8K QLED

Hass Mahdi, Head of Audio Visual, Samsung Electronics Australia, said:

“We are always striving to develop the next innovation that enhances the home cinema experience for Australians. This is why we have developed not only 8K display technology but also provide upscale features to support a beautiful and refined experience for all forms of content resolution across the latest TVs from Samsung.”

“Samsung 8K TV technology will open a fantastic experience for people seeking to ensure they well placed to view the evolution of content into higher resolution formats.”

Other Samsung 8K QLED functions

The Q900R features a slate of new functions. For example

  • The TV recognises and analyses connected entertainment devices like audio devices connected via optical cable to the One Remote box.
  • It auto switches the  image source and audio output 
  • Lifestyle features include Ambient Mode showcasing beautiful images, weather, news and more on the screen.
  • The 5m One Invisible Connection incorporates the optical cable and power in one seamless cord, giving users more freedom to decide where and how they place the TV.
  • Smart enhancements, such as SmartThings provide users with greater access to information and make their lives easier
  • The Universal Guide provides personalised recommendations to easily find live and OTT content on TV.

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