Samsung 8K QLED TV from 1 April – no joke

Samsung 8K QLED

Samsung’s 8K QLED comes in a massive 65, 75, and 82-inch TV. To sweeten the deal, it is throwing in a Samsung Galaxy S10+ for pre-orders from 14 March.

8K is the buzzword but there is little content, and our NBN may choke and die if we all started streaming it. However, like all good evolutions 8K will become the norm in a few years, just as 4K now comprises 99.9% of all TVs sold. Do we need 8K – GadgetGuy has a good read on what it is and what it means here. We covered the Samsung 8K announcements from IFA 2018 here.

Back to Samsung 8K QLED.

Its Q900 range will sell because it can upscale – intelligently add more pixels to 4K content. Simply put 4K content will look a little better. Given the Q900 will have a more powerful processor than last years 4K models it will do more with AI, brightness and contrast.

Samsung 8K QLED

Jeremy Senior, Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Australia said,

Samsung’s first QLED 8K range reinforces our commitment to delivering the best possible viewing experience for our customers. It will set a new standard in what Australians will expect from our ultra-premium QLED offering in home entertainment. It is truly something you need to see to understand.

As Samsung’s flagship TV, the 8K QLED will also include lifestyle features available across the QLED range that enable consumers to get the most from their TV.

Additional features Samsung 8K QLED Q900 include:

  • One Clear Cable: A clear all-in-one cable that frees TV space from unsightly cords. The optical and power signals are in one thin five-metre cord. This gives freedom to decide where and how to place the TV.
  • Ambient Mode: A, integrate the TV screen to suit a rooms interior décor and design. Display art or photos, or time and weather, or take a picture of the wall and set it onscreen, so the TV seamlessly blends in while it is not on.
  • Smart TV enhancements, Samsung TV’s work with Smart Things, Bixby, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple AirPlay (coming in H2, 2019 via a firmware upgrade) offering choice to control the connected home.
  • One Remote, control a range of compatible devices with One Remote Control and get quick access to things like Netflix, YouTube, Xbox or a compatible Soundbar.

Pricing: Samsung 8K QLED Q900

  • 82-inch $17,499
  • 75-inch $12,999
  • 65-inch $9,999


GadgetGuy’s take – so it begins

I love Q1-Q2 when all the 2019 TVs launch. So much choice, so many new features, so many regrets about buying last year’s model!

8K is truly impressive and if you have a lazy $10K+ then go for it. If you are Joe and Jane Average, there are some pretty good 4K LED/LCD TV’s now under $1K – even models from Samsung.

Samsung Q900 is its top offering designed to offer an alternative to OLED. These are different technologies – just sound similar.