Samsung adds to its curved OLED TV with world first curved smartphone

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Barely a day after LG first informed the world it would be making curved displays for smartphones, Samsung has one ready to go.

Announced overseas on the Samsung Tomorrow blog and ready for release in Korea this week, the Galaxy Round in Samsung’s first attempt at a smartphone with a slight curve in its display.

That display comes in at 5.7 inches and shows a Full HD (1920×1080) picture, and is the first Super AMOLED mobile display that is curved against the vertical edge, making the entire thing look like a slightly rolled up piece of paper.

It also includes special programming designed to let users play with their music more on the curved screen, and a new “roll effect” that allows you to lean on the phone and see if you have messages and notifications.

We’re actually surprised Samsung hasn’t taken the time to point out how useful the flexible screen should be, especially since one of the reasons flexible screens make so much sense for future devices is how they’re able to take drops better thanks to the available flex in the build.

Perhaps this phone, though, isn’t quite ready for the drop test.

Regardless, Australians won’t likely get to play with this curved Galaxy just yet, as there’s no release date or availability locally, and only certainty that South Koreans will get the opportunity to buy this product this year.