Samsung and RIM prepping iPad competitor, HTC still not sure

Some of the murmurs we’ve been hearing lately suggest the iPad won’t be the only device securing a place in people’s touchscreen hearts.

While at a Samsung event recently, we heard that a slate device similar to the Galaxy S phone was being considered for the Australian market.

That corroborates what we’ve heard about the “Samsung Galaxy Tab”, a possible Android touchscreen device planned in 7, 8, and 10-inch versions that should appear by Christmas this year.

The company responsible for BlackBerry phones – RIM – is eyeing this area as well with news today suggesting a 7-inch BlackBerry tablet is on its way. We’re hearing it will be fast and could feature cameras on both the front and back, something the iPad lacks.

Meanwhile, HTC isn’t sure about the tablet market just yet. While HTC has make a good portion of the Android phones available today including the aluminium Legend phone, the company believes it needs a compelling reason to launch a tablet.

We would have thought that compelling reason might have been to provide competition for Apple, but then again we’re obsessed with gadgets so we would say that.