Samsung announces metal-framed A7 smartphone

Years of saying “Samsung needs to make a metal phone” might finally be paying off, as Samsung announces a new metal-framed phone, though Australia isn’t likely to be on the release list.

The new phone is called the Galaxy A7, and while it’s not likely be sold on shelves here, it does give us an insight into the possibly the sort of design language we might see from Samsung as it evolves the Galaxy smartphones.

This one falls under Samsung’s “Alpha” range of devices, a new series that popped up in August last year and aimed to quell those complaints about not using metal by bringing in a metal frame, which is a similar tactic to a design using metal that Motorola took with the 2014 X handset.

We didn’t see that model either, but this one appears to be similar in design, with a metal frame, large AMOLED screen, and 4G LTE technology being used, as well as a more squared off back with the Galaxy S3’s rear camera layout.

The screen on this version is larger, jumping from 4.7 inches to 5.5 inches, but keeping the resolution down which we suspect will also keep the price down with it, running 1280×720 here, also known a High Definition. To put it in contrast, the Galaxy S5 relies on a smaller 5.1 inch screen with a larger Full HD resolution, while the Galaxy Note 4 uses a 5.9 inch screen with the much much bigger resolution of 2560×1440 otherwise known as Quad HD (QHD).

That said, resolutions won’t matter to all, and Samsung is equipping this new phone with an eight-core processor made of two quad-core chips (like it does on the Galaxy Tab S tablet), 16GB storage, 2GB RAM, microSD slot, 4G LTE connectivity, 13 megapixel rear camera, 5 megapixel front camera, and a battery delivering 2600mAh of life.

While the specs plonk the A7 in mid-to-high-end territory, the design is supposed to appeal to people keen for a more metallic and high grade experience, but who don’t necessarily want a Note device.

At the moment, Samsung’s Note 4 uses metal in its design in a similar way, with the frame being the only place where metal makes an appearance, keeping everything together, but still offering textured plastic on the rear while glass makes up the front. That said, this new Alpha model with a metal frame could be a sign that Samsung is keeping with the metal theme, which bodes well for the upcoming Galaxy S6.

Believe it or not, an announcement for a new Galaxy phone is only a matter of months away, with March likely to be the time when Samsung tells the world about its new phone, just in time for Mobile World Congress and all of its related announcements in the smartphone world.

As for the Samsung Galaxy A7, that’s headed for release in various markets in the near future, though since Australia missed out on the last Alpha phone, we’ll probably miss out on this one, too.