This big-capacity appliance combines washing and drying with AI smarts

Samsung Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo IFA 2023
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We recently tested out several of Samsung’s AI-powered laundry appliances, and now there’s a new sheriff in town: the Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo, an all-in-one device that washes and dries your clothes in a single device.

Another announcement from the IFA 2023 home technology trade show in Berlin, the Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo uses digital inverter heat pump technology to ensure your laundry comes out both clean and dry. It’s no small fry, either, with a sizable 25kg wash capacity, supported by a 13kg drying capacity. At a fundamental level, like Samsung’s goal for the connected kitchen and its AI food app, the new device is about reducing steps and streamlining housework.

“Samsung’s first Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo with Digital Inverter Heat Pump technology not only makes doing laundry much easier by providing hassle-free load transfer, but it also saves space,” Junhwa Lee, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Team of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics said. “The laundry experience can now be more pleasant and easier, while also saving energy by AI Energy Mode in SmartThings Energy.”

Convenience with the Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo

It’s not just about eliminating the need to manually move laundry from one device to another, it’s also about reducing the use of space. Although we don’t have the full specs or details about the appliance’s dimensions, one larger device still takes up less space than two separate machines. It’s something that’ll appeal to people living in apartments or have limited laundry space at home.

To help with the actual washing and drying process, the Samsung Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo has several smart features designed to make laundry work easy. Through the brand’s SmartThings Energy platform, you can access AI Energy Mode, which helps save on energy where possible. Other AI technology includes a wash cycle that automatically detects factors such as weight and fabric to designate the best settings for each load of washing.

We’ll let you know about more details such as local availability and pricing once we get them. For now, we’ll take an up-close look at Samsung’s vision for the smart home as part of its IFA 2023 showing.

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