Strong Samsung Bespoke Jet AI stick vacuum automates cleaning

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Australia launch

Samsung recently launched its most powerful stick vacuum to date, the Bespoke Jet AI, a device reported to have more smarts and battery life than previous models.

It’s one of Samsung’s latest devices in its stylish and interconnected Bespoke range, which includes microplastics-reducing washing machines and smart kitchen appliances. As the name suggests, the Bespoke Jet AI uses artificial intelligence technology to optimise cleaning across different floor types.

At 280W, it wields the highest suction power of any Samsung stick vacuum so far. There’s also a 250W model available, with both versions benefitting from run times of up to 100 minutes in between charges. According to Samsung, the Bespoke Jet AI uses the market’s lightest stick motor to power the vacuum, weighing 2.79kg. More than just a vacuum cleaner, the new appliances also come with mop pads to tackle wet messes on hard floors.

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI tackles different floors smoothly

Both of the new stick vacuum models include a new AI Cleaning Mode, powered by Samsung’s AI Optimum Tech. At a basic level, this technology removes the need for changing brush types for different types of floors. It does this by automatically detecting the floor type and load, and then generating the required suction power and brushroll speed.

That’s not to say you can’t change the brush attachment if you need a specific tool for the job. Included with the new vacuum are various attachments and tools that help you get into crevices and so on. Plus, if you have a pet that sheds fur everywhere, the Pet Tool+ uses rubber bristles to suck up hair on couches and beds.

Like many of Samsung’s devices, the Bespoke Jet AI has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and SmartThings functionality. This means you can monitor its performance alongside other smart devices while customising settings as needed.

Making cleaning just that little bit easier, the stick vacuum also comes with an All-in-One Clean Station for charging the device and automatically emptying the dustbin. For those with allergies, the station houses a filtration system for trapping dust and fine particles so you don’t have to suffer a sneezing fit every time you clean.

Release date and price

Out now via Samsung’s online store, the Bespoke Jet AI comes in a Satin Greige finish, starting at $1,499 for the 250W model, and $1,599 for the more powerful 280W version. It’s also coming to physical retail, with Harvey Norman stocking the vacuum starting in September 2023.

Samsung’s recent announcement adds further competition to the home appliance market. It comes not long after LG announced the CordZero A9T-MAX, which costs the same as the 280W Bespoke AI model. What’s worth pointing out is that the LG stick vacuum comes with two battery packs, while Samsung’s only has one.

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