They say music calms the soul and that milk does a body good, but Samsung looks keen on connecting the two, as it rolls out a service for its smartphone, tablets, and wearables that’s all about keeping your ears happy.

It’s called “Milk” and while Samsung’s Music Hub doesn’t really do much these days, we’re not quite sure this is exactly a replacement. Instead of being another all-you-can-eat music service, Milk is more like a radio that you can define, sort of like what Pandora has going for it, but more like one reliant on graphics and moods.

Instead of typing in a song you want to start your station off with, you’ll instead drag your finger either inside or outside a circle, with the outside giving you quick access across the various genres of music where songs are currently set to play, while the inside will offer more granularity.

From there, you can bring up a panel from the bottom of the screen and fine tune the station you’re listening to, catering for music that is either popular or not very, new or old, and whether or not it should play favourite songs, with individual songs able to be added to your list of favourites when you want to.

The system feels like an old radio dial updated for the modern era, and at any time you can bring up the dial by pressing the middle of the screen, controlling the music choice based on what you see. I

f you want even more control, a field at the top of the screen will show you precisely what station you’re tuned to and allow you to select it specifically.