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2014 is looking like a big year for Ultra High Definition, and that’s one area where Samsung will be pushing hard, announcing more models with curves included, too.

Samsung’s line-up for the new year will include more than just the easel-frame models we first saw from the company last year, with more TVs for people to look over and work out if they belong in their home.

While we love the Samsung Series 9 TVs from 2013, we’re pretty sure our home doesn’t match the style of the big 4K tellies, and definitely not the bold and heavy frame they come with, so it’s nice to see a few new models will be on their way out to consumers.

These include the U8550 Series UHD TVs, which will be sized at 50, 55, 60, 65, and 75 inches diagonally, and will offer better picture quality from a small picture quality database held on a chip inside the TVs, resulting in better quality imagery, all the while keeping a thin display.

Above this series are new models of what we saw last year, the S9 or “Series 9” UHD TVs, offering 85 inch and 110 inch TVs inside the huge frames, practically turning the displays into works of art.

And then there were curves.

Yes, the curvature that was applied to the first OLED TVs is also coming to Samsung’s UHD TVs, with the U9000 series offering up 4K displays with a slight curve, aimed at immersing you in the picture more easily.

The U9000 will come in at 55, 65, and 78 inch screen sizes, and can be wall mounted, but there’s also a bigger curved UHD TV if you want an experience that brings cinema-like proportions to the 4K resolution.

For that, Samsung is bringing out the 105 inch Curved UHD TV (above), a display with a 21 to 9 (21:9) aspect ratio and a 4K resolution, boasting around 11 million pixels and Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer technology to make the picture pop off the screen.

All of these will come with Samsung’s Smart Experience, the evolution of the Smart TV system that Samsung launched last year.

Just like 2013, voice and motion plays a part of this package with the quad-core processors inside these TVs making it possible to control the experience in different ways like speaking, though a new remote is also included, too.