Samsung brings Skype, Android, apps to TVs in 2012

More from the floor of CES with Samsung announcing a solution for TVs that want to reach out and touch someone.

Samsung’s new InTouch kit features a high-definition video camera, Android 2.3, and access to applications through your TV set, including YouTube, Skype, and even a web browser.

It looks like Samsung is targeting owners of all TVs here, rather than owners of just Samsung TVs, with the requirement of a HDMI port all that’s needed for a TV to work with Samsung’s InTouch equipment.

The QWERTY remote for use with InTouch.

You will need a separate remote, however, with Samsung bundling in a QWERTY keypad remote to make it easy to surf the web, chat to friends, and find that clip on YouTube to show everyone.

If you have a TV you love and wanted some of these smart apps new TVs are getting, it looks like this could be an excellent solution.

No word on pricing or dates for Australians, but we’re hearing that it’ll be out for around $200 in March in America.