Samsung Christmas computer line-up impresses


Samsung gave the GadgetGuy team a taste of what its Christmas computer line-up was like this week, with notebooks, netbooks, and even Samsung’s iPad competitor making a showing… and a price.
The first tablet device from Samsung looks like it could make waves in the tablet world, with support for newspapers from around the world and Adobe Flash native to the new device.
We previously looked at it on the eve of its announcement to the world, make but this time we got to see a price: $999.
While we’re not sure if a thousand dollar price will get customers leaping for it – especially in light of just how many tablet competitors Samsung will have by Christmas – it is currently the only tablet device that we know about that will let you use it as a phone, a feature Samsung will probably have to point out to prospective buyers.
There are also some updates across the notebook and netbook game, with Samsung showing off new laptops with designs inspired by sharks.
Samsung’s SF series with the shark-inspired design.

With a raised curve ridge on each side of the keyboard, this new shark-inspired design does a lot to make itself look different from any other laptop we’ve seen recently. It wasn’t just the aesthetics that did it for us, though, as the curved ridges on each side also made us feel as if Samsung wanted to keep our hands from wandering as they typed.
The new designs are slated to appear on notebooks and laptops, with the NF and SF series getting them. There’s also the RF series – which adopts a more standard notebook design – that has been built for gamers. With a high (considering today’s laptop standards) resolution of 1600×900 on an LED screen, Geforce graphics, Intel Core i5 processor, optional Blu-ray drive, and sub-$2000 price tag, Samsung is looking at giving the gamer in you something new to game on.
But despite some of the great machines we saw, the Samsung NF310 netbook stood out for us.
You might call the netbook dead with the tablet on the way, but some of us still think that if you’re looking to spend less than $600 on a computer with a good keyboard that’s easily portable, the netbook is alive and well.
We haven’t seen many 10-inch netbooks come with a screen resolution higher than 1024×600, and the NF310 ($599) features a HD screen (1366×768). It also features the shark design, dual-core Intel Atom processor, and a fair amount more, enough to make at least one of the team contemplate their next laptop.