Samsung connects laundry appliances with the web for a WiFi combo

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WiFi is being added to so much these days, and now there’s one more thing, with Samsung adding wireless to a washer and dryer.

It’s the first of a new type of device for Samsung, and while we saw similar technology from LG announced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier in the year in Las Vegas, now it’s time for Samsung to show its hand with a new combination machine slated to hit Australian shelves in the next few weeks.

The WiFi-enabled Washer Dryer Combo doesn’t have the most ridiculously imaginative name, but it will work as a 10 kilogram washer and 7 kilogram dryer, and it will let people who own it monitor their washing and drying from a smartphone.

To make this happen, Samsung is relying on “Smart Control” technology, which Samsung says iOS available through the Google Play store, which means it should work on any Android device. This technology links with the washer dryer and will let you track wash and dry cycle time, remotely start the machine, and receive a message when the load is complete.

It’s worth noting that the machine will not grow robotic arms and seek out your dirty laundry, gather it into a basket, and then load the machine. You’ll still need to do the heavy lifting and undressing yourself, but some parts of this chore can now be monitored and controlled from afar.

“The new Wi-Fi enabled washer dryer combo is our next step in developing a truly connected home for Australians. Consumers now have control of their washing,” said Samsung’s Philips Newton, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, adding “they can start, stop, pause and resume a load of washing from practically anywhere using a compatible smartphone or mobile device.”

The WiFi combo machine also includes an “air wash” system which brings in lightly heated air to reduce any odours in clothing without the need for adding detergents. This feature joins 11 washing programs, including a super-fast 29 minute quick wash.

Samsung’s WiFi washer dryer will be heading to Australian retail stores in the next week or two, available at a recommended retail price of $2899.