Samsung connects ovens and smartphones, works out your caloric intake

We’re all about convergence here, and a new oven from Samsung aims to connect to your life in ways that you’ve never dreamed of, with smartphone integration becoming a thing of the now.

Featuring ceramic plating and an ability to cook with infrared heat – an idea that we’ve never actually seen in an oven – the Samsung MC368GAAW5A seems to already have some impressive technology, even if it doesn’t have a name that rolls off the tongue.

It also features WiFi built right into it, allowing the oven to connect to a network and be controlled by an Android smartphone, with support for 160 dishes pre-programmed.

As if the technology wasn’t interesting enough, one picture tells us that the oven can even work out the weight and calorie count for the meal you’re making.

No word on if this will come to Australia, but we’re checking with Samsung to see if this product will land here. We’re sure that there are plenty of other people who would be keen to see this sort of technology grace their kitchens.