Samsung aims to be the home for connected cooking appliances

Samsung Cooking appliances IFA 2023

Expect to see a whole lot of cooking and kitchen appliances this October, as Samsung starts rolling out its comprehensive range of ovens, cooktops and more.

The announcement comes direct from IFA 2023 in Berlin and follows the launch of Samsung Food, an app that uses AI technology to automatically recommend recipes that meet your dietary preferences. Many of Samsung’s upcoming range of cooking technology uses the brand’s interconnected SmartThings platform that enables devices to work seamlessly with one another.

A big part of the company’s renewed focus on kitchen technology is based on the fact that people are dining out less and spending more time at home to save money. Samsung cited market research from Nature, finding that 66% of Australians do more cooking at home for financial reasons. Ultimately, much of what Samsung is trying to do revolves around simplifying meal preparation and cooking through the use of technology.

“We’re thrilled to bring further innovation to the kitchen, and for many, the heart of the home with Samsung’s new cooking range,” Jeremy Senior, Vice President, Consumer Electronics at Samsung Australia said. “As Australians increasingly seek time-efficiencies, our aim is to continually evolve to meet consumers’ changing needs, by having multiple touchpoints within the home.”

Major features of upcoming Samsung cooking range

In line with what the South Korean company revealed at CES 2023, the new cooking appliances are designed to slot into the modern smart home. This means being able to connect to Wi-Fi and remotely control ovens, cooktops and range hoods from your phone at any time.

There are even some ovens that’ll let you set two different temperatures across different compartments. Plus, built-in AI camera functionality allows for checking meal progress without opening the oven door and letting the heat out. Along with Samsung Food, the use of AI is meant to optimise cooking settings across appliances, to streamline the process from recipe selection to the actual cooking process.

To coincide with the upcoming Samsung cooking range, the company has also partnered with Andy Allen as an ambassador, a chef perhaps best known recently as one of the judges on MasterChef Australia. As for what’s coming to Australia starting in October, here’s the full list.

ApplianceRRP (AUD)Colour
6 Series AI Oven Flex door$3699Black
Bespoke 6 Series Oven$2999Beige, Black
5 Series Pyrolytic Oven Flex Door$1999Silver
4 Series Pyrolytic Oven$1499, $1399Black, Silver
4 Series Catalytic Oven$1149Silver
Induction Cooktop 80cm$2299Black
Bespoke Induction Cooktop 60cm$1899Beige
Induction Cooktop 60cm Mag Dial$2099Black
Induction Cooktop 60cm 5 Series 3 zones$1299Black
Bespoke Rangehood 90cm$1499Black
Bespoke Rangehood 90cm$1499White
BESPOKE 15PS Dishwasher$1599Satin Beige, Clean Black
14 PS Dishwasher$899, $799Black, Silver

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