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Homes that demand the best of the best of the best might have to look to a new line of appliances this year, as Samsung connects world-class chefs with the tech in your very own home.

A new range of appliances aimed at the premium section of the market will be released later this year, focusing on high-end kitchens who want something fitting for a kitchen other than just that which sits at the top end of the spectrum.

Samsung’s new range might even be beyond that top end, as the company has collaborated with Michelin-star rated chefs to achieve what it believes will transform kitchens into not just looking the part of a first class kitchen, but performing like one too.

For what Samsung says is a “new era in kitchen home appliances,” the Chef Collection consists of three appliances, including a 4-Door Refrigerator (RH9900), the Electric Slide-In Range (NE58H9950), an all-new dishwasher (DW80H9970), and a refrigerator designed to show off food (RH22H9010SR).

Over in the refrigerator areas, the two models are slightly different, with the four-door model (above) offering a triple cooling system for distinct and separate airflows, a metal cooling plate on the back to keep the temperature solid inside the fridge, and a freezer that can be switched to a fridge when you need more refrigeration space and less of the icy cold from the freezer.

Inside the 4-Door Chef Collection refrigerator are two other neat things including the “Chef Pantry” which is a section that keeps fish at just below zero Celsius for keeping the quality up, while the “Chef Pan” is a container that can be used for storing food and marination.

Samsung’s second Chef Collection fridge is the Food Showcase Refrigerator (below), which reminds us of LG’s Door-In-Door fridge, with two main doors, and a third door inside the right door.

Unlike the LG model, however, this secret door is much taller, and essentially lets you access more drinks and see right inside the fridge, rather than just a small cavity for pulling out the odd bottle or can.

For people who prefer to cook, there’s a new oven offering both manual and electronic control.

Samsung’s Electric Slide In (above) sports the ability to prepare two meals with two distinct sets of temperatures, something we’ve seen in Samsung high-end ovens before, but now includes sensor cooking, making it possible for the computer to do some work for you with an auto-cook function.

We suspect this is similar to the auto-cook settings of microwaves, but using sensors to work out weight and dish type, the oven will be able to figure out the correct time and temperature to make various dishes so you don’t have to. A filter has also been included in the oven which will reduce smoke as you cook.