Samsung FlexWash lets you wash two loads at once

Samsung’s new FlexWash washing machine lets you do a literal heap of laundry at once. With a total capacity of 18.5 kilograms, the FlexWash is a actually two separate washing machines in one. There’s a 2.5 kilogram top-loading bay on top, and a 16 kilogram front-loading machine below. Both are separate, and can operate independently or at the same time. The idea is that you can run different loads at once, such as your delicates, or whites, in the top-loader, while stuffing in your bulky duvet cover and sheets into the cavernous 16 kilogram front-loader below. With both compartments operating at once, there’s plenty of space for extra-large washes, such as over the holidays, when guest are staying or for large households.

Using FlexWash is easy; on the front panel there are dedicated wash settings for the top-loader and front-loading bays, and you can also use the Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor and control each separately from your compatible mobile phone and Smart Control app. This is especially handy when you want to be notified that a washing cycle is competed without having to check the machine constantly or stay nearby.


The smaller 2.5 kilogram top-loader is certainly easy to access being situated on the top of the machine, and there’s no stooping or back-bending to fill up the bay. There are transparent lids and covers so you can see through to your washing to check its progress. Also, the flat nature of the top-loader is great for cleaning heavier items such as shoes, since the washing motion doesn’t drop each item from the top of the chamber to the bottom, unlike like a front-loader.


The larger 16 kilo front-loader is ideal for bigger washes, including bedding. The blue transparent door is stylish, and includes Samsung’s AddWash access chute, which is little compartment that lets you add that missing sock, pair of jeans or towel after the cycle begins.

The FlexWash uses Samsung’s core laundry technologies to get the job done, including Quick Wash, BubbleWash and Vibration Reduction Technology. Quick Wash does a load in 15 minutes for up to 2Kg of laundry, while BubbleWash pre-makes foam with soap and air before the cycle starts to improve cleaning, and Vibration Reduction Technology keeps the machine steady and reduces noise during washing and spin cycles.

Despite the two completely separate washing systems, the FlexWash only requires one power cable, as well as one hot and cold outlet, making installation easy.

FlexWash is available now at Harvey Norman, The Good Guys and other selected major retailers, and has a recommended retail price of $3,499.