Samsung Flip for collaboration, creativity and connection in the boardroom

Samsung Flip

Samsung’s smart signage division has released the Samsung Flip. It is an interactive display designed for education and boardroom use.

Samsung Flip (US Website) is a 55”, 3840 x 2160, UHD, LCD device designed for use in landscape or portrait mode.

An IR sensor provides touch and drawing. It uses passive pens to draw on the Super Clear coated screen.

Stereo 2 x 10W speakers provide good multimedia. It also has RAM/storage/USB/Wi-Fi/Cast/HDMI ports and more. The Samsung Flip app runs on Tizen OS.

“We believe Samsung Flip will promote digital collaboration within businesses in Australia. Its ease of use will drive impactful and efficiency in workshops and meetings. It has an easy-to-use interface and flexible connectivity,” said Claudio Cardile, Head of Professional Display Solutions, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“Flip illustrates Samsung’s vision for workplaces. It alleviates some of the challenges businesses face when organising, facilitating and recapping meetings. It will help them work and collaborate faster, better and smarter,” he added.

Samsung Flip is for the three C’s

Samsung Flip

Samsung Flip



Samsung Flip is for multiple users. Up to four users can concurrently write on the screen using their fingers or a dual-sided pen. Each can customise his or her writing style, size and colour. Notations are clear and visible in UHD resolution.

Samsung Flip also offers extensive device compatibility. It has wireless connectivity, USB, PC and mobile ports. A screen-sharing function makes Flip content available on connected PCs, compatible smartphones and tablets.

Users can import content from a personal device onto the display’s screen.


Samsung Flip delivers an outstanding level of efficiency. It condenses multiple tools and processes required for traditional meetings into an all-in-one design. Participants do not need to use a touch pen to interact with the screen and can erase notes through a quick palm swipe.

Flip users can access up to 20-pages of writing space per document.  Embedded search functionalities direct users to specific content. This continuous, rolling stream avoids lost time and interruptions. No more searching through multiple sheets of paper or notes to locate details.

Flip can be rotate – portrait or landscape. The pivot stand maximises available writing space at users’ preferred positions. For roundtable-style discussion simply use a compatible wall mount.


Post-meeting recaps and transcriptions can be a drain on resources. The Samsung Flip stores content within a central database to facilitate easy sharing. A password-based protection system safeguards meeting details and ensures that only approved users can access the information.

Once logged in, meeting facilitators and participants can download and share featured content through email or traditional printing. Users can also save meeting notes to a USB drive or other compatible external sources.

Samsung Flip will be available for purchase from Samsung Professional Display distributors and resellers.