Aussie-themed Fortnite map lets you win a new Samsung TV

Samsung Fortnite Clash of Commuters
Image: Samsung.

Samsung has boarded the Battle Bus with an Australian-themed Fortnite competition, offering some lucrative prizes up for grabs.

Dubbed the “Clash of Commuters” the competition features a custom map inspired by public transport, depicting the daily commute as a dystopian wasteland. Which may hit too close to home for some.

Here’s how Samsung describes its Fortnite map:

“Gamers will need to defend an Aussie public bus across 5 checkpoints as it meanders through a dystopian Australian commute, complete with bin chickens, servos and caffeine-starved commuters…”

A normal day down under, right?

It’s part of a promotion highlighting our mobile gaming habits. Australians spend more on mobile games than any other type of video game, and Samsung claims that 48% of Aussie gamers primarily play using a smartphone.

How to win Samsung prizes by playing Fortnite

The fastest player wins a big prize pack worth over $8,000, including a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phone, a pair of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, a new Neo QLED TV, and a curved Neo QLED gaming monitor. Not bad at all.

Encouraging the mobile aspect of the competition, the quickest time recorded on a mobile device also gets a prize pack. This one includes the S24 Ultra and Buds 2 Pro, plus a Galaxy Tab S9 tablet. Even if you’re not the quickest on the draw, you could still win one of several randomly drawn Samsung prizes.

To take part in the competition, which runs until 30 May, enter the map code “2328-5920-2390” in Fortnite or jump straight to the map link. More details, including the T&Cs, are on the official Clash of Commuters website.

Between 11-15 May, there’s also a real-world Battle Bus you can play Fortnite in at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. It previously made an appearance at Parramatta Square, where Sydney-siders battled for the coveted Victory Royale.

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