Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 has the world’s first quad camera

Galaxy A9

The Samsung Galaxy A9 boasts the world’s first quad rear camera setup, a 6.3”, 2280 x 1080, 18.5:9, Super AMOLED display, 6GB RAM and an eight-core processor. It is a winner especially if it can sell in Australia for under that magic $799 sweet spot.

You might ask why four cameras on the Galaxy A9 (website here)?

The answer is that they harness considerable AI to get the best image no matter what the light or conditions. Its scene optimiser has 19 modes, including Food, Portraits, Flowers, Indoor scenes, Animals, Landscapes, Greenery, Trees, Sky, Mountains, Beaches, Sunrises and sunsets, Watersides, Street scenes, Night scenes, Waterfalls, Snow, Birds, and Text.

Ai also monitors the shot for “Flaw detection”. It detects Eye Blink, Facial Blur, and backlight issues and warns the user while capturing photos. There is also a post-shot system that analyses shots in the background.

The main camera is 24MP, f/.17, PADF and its complemented by a 5MP, f/2.2 depth camera. That alone is enough to score top marks.

The other two cameras are special purpose. One is an 8MP, f/2.4, 120° wide-angle for expansive tourist shots of the Grand Canyon (and this is amazingly useful for these types of shots) and the other is a 10MP, F/2.4 telephoto 2x/10x optical/digital zoom that should reduce pixellation in zoom shots.

Galaxy A9

The selfie is no slouch either. It is a 24 MP, f/2.0 with all sorts of gimmicks and options.

Hardware wise it has a Qualcomm 660 and 6GB/128GB plus a new dedicated dual sim and an extra microSD card slot. A 3,800mAh USB-C fast charge battery rounds it out. Samsung’s global website is here.

Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh said

In the past, I brought the new technology and differentiation to the flagship model and then moved to the mid-end. But I have changed my strategy this year to bring technology and differentiation points starting from the mid-end.

Galaxy A9

GadgetGuy’s take. Galaxy A9

Performance wise the Galaxy A9 is similar to any Qualcomm 660 phone so it will perform like the OPPO R15 Pro or Nokia 7 Plus, and frankly, that is pretty good. The Qualcomm 660 is as fast as last year’s flagship Qualcomm 835.

In a sea of smartphones, it is nice to see innovation and stand out Samsung quality in a mid-range handset. Let’s hope we see in here.