Strewth! Samsung Galaxy AI to support Australian English soon

Samsung Galaxy AI Australian English update
Image: Ethan Brooke via Pexels / Samsung.

When Samsung first launched its Galaxy AI translation features as part of the flagship S24 phones, Australian English was on the list of upcoming supported dialects. Now, it’s official. In the coming months, Australian English will be among multiple languages supported by various Galaxy AI features.

Starting in April, Arabic, Indonesian, and Russian will roll out as officially supported languages. Additionally, Australian English, Cantonese, and Canadian French are upcoming Galaxy AI dialect variants. Available to download as language packs across eligible Samsung phones, these options add to the existing 13 languages currently available.

Samsung plans to add more options to Galaxy AI throughout the year. Although the company hasn’t specified an exact timeline, Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, and Swedish are confirmed as languages coming “later this year”. Traditional Chinese and European Portuguese dialects will also be added.

Some of the Galaxy AI features likely to benefit the most from the changes include Live Translate and Interpreter. Over phone calls, Live Translate can change the words from one speaker into another supported language, while Interpreter acts as an in-person tool between speakers. Likewise, Transcript Assist notes down spoken words, with the option of translating as it goes.

Galaxy AI says g’day with Australian English

Whether Galaxy AI will recognise our colourful vocabulary and indecipherable slang remains to be seen. Instead of translating “servo” or “grog”, it’ll likely improve how well the software interprets Australian accents. Anyone who’s used an AI transcription or translation tool knows that it struggles with Aussie accents compared to American dialects, so any improvement is welcome.

Galaxy AI Language update
Image: Samsung.

In a recent test of Galaxy AI’s features, GadgetGuy‘s Canadian boss Valens Quinn struggled to get an accurate French transcription. However, the addition of Canadian French could help tidy that up, regardless of whether you’re from Quebec or Paris.

At first, Galaxy AI was exclusive to the latest S24 devices. A recent update added many of the AI-powered features to more phones and tablets, including the S23 range, the Fold 5 and Flip 5 phones, and Samsung’s S9 tablets.

Keep an eye out for the Australian English update coming soon. Perhaps I’m immature (likely), but I immediately pondered whether it’d recognise the four-lettered ‘C’ word as a term of endearment. We’ll soon find out.

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