Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition – new products for business mobility

Enterprise Edition
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Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition refers to a suite of hardware and software solutions focused on business mobility needs rather than the needs of a consumer. While a business can buy a consumer phone or tablet, these devices do not address: Security, financing, life-cycle management, maximising productivity, dual profiles (work and personal), and 24×7 support

The full story on Samsung Galaxy Enterprise edition can be found in our sister publication Small Business Answers.

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition highlights

  • Knox for Enterprise suite for end-to-end device security, including security governance on the device and a range of automatic deployment tools.
  • DeX  (Desktop eXperience) allowing you to use the Samsung devices like a PC – just add a monitor and keyboard/mouse.
  • Closer partnership with Microsoft, including Microsoft 365 productivity tools and Link to Windows, a seamless workflow between mobile and PC.
  • Partnership with Telstra for financing, fleet management and Microsoft Azure services
  • Business rugged Galaxy Tab Active series and other Samsung consumer Tablets with Business-grade Knox security
  • Business rugged mobiles like the Galaxy XCover 5 and Pro.
  • A range of its consumer smartphones with Business-grade Knox security

Danny Mandrides, Head of Samsung’s Enterprise and Government Mobile Business,

“I Iead a team of professionals who enable Australian businesses to rethink how mobile devices and applications can improve their business processes and increase productivity. Mobile technologies such as Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables, M2M, IoT and Applications are at the heart of business disruption and transformation.”

Australian Signals Directorate has approved for sensitive and protected use

The icing on the cake was the acceptance of Galaxy S20 FE, S20 FE 5G, Note20 and Note20 5G by the Australian Signals Directorate. These Samsung mobile devices have approval for use in ‘Sensitive’ and ‘Protected’ deployments. The Galaxy S20 FE (GadgetGuy review here 9.8/10) brings a $799 device to a market dominated by iOS devices costing two to three times as much.

Gadget Guy’s take is whatever size business you have. It may be worth talking to the Samsung Business Division before you visit Telstra or JB to buy a few phones or tablets. It may open your eyes to benefits you have never considered.