Samsung Galaxy Note7 – RIP – Updated

It is being reported that in the wake of fire and meltdown problems in the replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones that the company was swapping for the original production run, the company is cancelling the whole thing. Just to be certain, I asked the company. A spokesperson says:

For the benefit of consumers’ safety, we stopped sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note7 and have consequently decided to stop production.

The spokesperson added, “This is all we are able to provide at this point.”

So it seems that if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note7 you have two options. First, return it to Samsung (probably via the place of purchase) for a refund. Second, if you’re well-heeled, keep it as a museum piece.

One option you shouldn’t contemplate is keeping it for continued use.

No doubt Samsung will be advising in coming days more about return arrangements.

What a terrible pity.

UPDATE (a few minutes later): Samsung’s setting up refund procedures:

Samsung Australia is working with all its partners to ensure all customers can receive an exchange – including to a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge (plus a refund for the difference in price) – or full refund for their Galaxy Note7.

Before returning their Galaxy Note7, customers should back-up their data, complete a factory reset to delete personal information and power down their device.