Many were saddened by the Samsung Galaxy Note7 fiasco. Not so much by the tiny probability of the phone catching fire – there were dozens of cases out of millions of phones sold – but because they had to surrender phones that they loved. They need mourn no more, for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is arriving in September, and this time it ought to be here to stay.


Indeed, Samsung Electronics Australia has confirmed that the Galaxy Note8 will be available from selected retailers to pre-order in Australia from 25 August 2017, and available for immediate purchase from 22 September 2017. Colours? Gold, Midnight Black and Maple.

Price: $1,499.

Plus there are a couple of deals going. Pre-order it from “a participating retailer” between 25 August and 21 September 2017 and you’ll get a free Samsung Convertible Fast Wireless Charger (RRP $119). (Through Samsung by redemption, so don’t hassle your retailer about it, but do make sure they are “participating”.) In addition, pre-order or buy it by 31 October 2017 you get “Samsung’s Screen Assure” program for free. That means one free screen repair for the first year of ownership.


The Samsung Galaxy Note8 has a clear family resemblance to the Galaxy S8 models, with a lovely wrap-around screen and very little phone body surrounding it. The 6.3 inch “Infinity” display has the same Quad HD+ resolution of 1440 by 2960 pixels and it of course uses Samsung’s stunning AMOLED screen technology. Much of your interaction with the screen will be by using the included S Pen. Samsung says that it has a “finer tip and improved pressure sensitivity”, footnoting that it means compared to the Note5, so presumably it’s the same as that in the Note7. (There never was a Note6.)

The screen has the “always on” feature that’s been included in premium Samsung phones the last couple of years. That’s something I love, allowing me to check notifications and the time without having to switch the phone on. (Battery draw is minimal.)

The phone packs two 12 megapixel cameras, one wide angle, one telephoto. The wide angle one uses Samsung’s Dual Pixel autofocus for, basically, just about the fastest automatic focusing on the market. It has f/1.7 sensitivity and, like the telephoto one, optical image stabilisation. The other camera is f/2.4. Samsung says that the camera as a whole has 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. The 2x tells us that the telephoto section has double the effective focal length of the standard camera module.