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Samsung is a leading prestige and aspirational brand in smartphones, TVs, home appliances, IT, and more. It was not always so – it took many years and great products to build brand credibility. Many people see safety in the brand. Samsung users are a very loyal lot with good reason.

Huawei is a challenger brand – a Chinese manufacturer seeking a global stage. While people buy Chinese challenger brands like Hisense over Samsung in TV land, it usually it is more about price than features. Samsung in Australia is safe until Huawei is a valued household name (as it is in China).

Me – I think the answer lies in how good the Galaxy Note10 with a stylus is versus the Mate 30 Pro that will have taken every step to beat it. Ground Hog day again.


P30 Pro with 8/256GB is $1599

Samsung Galaxy S10+ 8/128GB is $1499 and add a 128GB microSD for $25 to equal Huawei’s memory.

Where there are significant differences between the P30 and P30 Pro the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ are almost identical save the extra selfie camera (really for 3D face recognition).

PS – We are a review led website – and in both cases, we sweated over these phones for two weeks. Samsung and Huawei have left these with us to see how they perform longer term after firmware updates.

If readers have any specific questions or comments on either let us know via the Disqus comments.