Save $250 on Samsung’s latest phones with this great deal

Samsung Galaxy S24 deal
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The new Samsung Galaxy S24 phones have only just been released, and yet you can already score a great deal to save $250.

You can thank Amaysim for that, offering a healthy discount across the entire Galaxy S24 range. Live now until 31 March, the sale follows a similar format to previous Amaysim promotions. To get $250 off one of the phones, you need to either be an existing Amaysim customer or purchase a SIM plan with the handset.

Even if you’re not planning on switching telcos, it’s still a great outright deal on the fresh Samsung Galaxy S24 range. Using the Vodafone network, Amaysim’s cheapest SIM plan starts at $30 for 28 days, coming with a decent 32GB bank of data. It’s not a lock-in contract, so you can easily swap to a telco of your choice and still save a net $220 in the process.

Samsung Galaxy S24 deal saves a cool $250

These phones are literally the latest and greatest Android handsets on the market. Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 range only this month, so the Amaysim deal is a decent one.

Samsung knocked it out of the park with its premium Galaxy S24 Ultra phone. It’s one of the best Android phones we’ve reviewed, improving upon the already great S23 Ultra. The new titanium build feels great, its screen gorgeous, and the powerful camera array continues its class-leading performance. Although the advertised Galaxy AI software additions yield an uneven experience, the Google-backed Circle to Search feature is excellent.

With the $250 discount from Amaysim, here’s the starting price for each S24 model:

  • Samsung Galaxy S24: $1,149 (was $1,399)
  • Samsung Galaxy S24+: $1,449 (was $1,699)
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: $1,949 (was $2,199)

That’s a decent saving on a series of phones barely a month old. If you prefer to pay your device off as part of your monthly phone bill, there are some good plans across both the base S24 as well as the powerful S24 Ultra. Likewise, by purchasing a phone outright and pairing it with the cheapest SIM plan, you can save money in the long run.

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